Where to spend the night with a motorhome?
Places to spend the night in a motorhome

Where to spend the night with a motorhome?

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Where to spend the night with a motorhome or camper is the big question of the novice in motorhome or camper.

Everyone is mainly concerned with staying overnight two reasons:

the first because of a fullfilment of security requirements and the second for a economic issue, both costs and that we are not fined in case of sleeping on free public roads this post goes.

Regulations for sleeping in a motorhome

The overnight with motorhomes is currently in a legal loophole. This means that it is neither prohibited nor is it not a total motorhome right.

At the moment, the municipality in which we are will depend. The ordinances of the respective municipalities can prohibit us from sleeping in a motorhome or not.

But, in the absence of an approved municipal ordinance or regulation that prohibits us, we must be clear that we cannot be fined for doing so.

So you have to be clear about where you can stay overnight in a motorhome: anywhere not explicitly prohibited by municipal ordinance or regulation.

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Types of places to spend the night with a motorhome

Public roads, parking lots and other places to sleep in a motorhome or camper in nature

If it is not prohibited in any ordinance, you can stay overnight with a motorhome or camper anywhere on the public road intended for parking and that does not leave the marks. Of course, without camping forever. If you camp you can be fined and / or kicked out if you are in regulated areas on it.

Camping is leaving the perimeter of the vehicle (removing an awning, opening windows, removing tables and chairs ...)

Camper and camper service areas

You will find motorhome areas specially designed for motorhomes and campers with specific services for them. Sometimes they are free and others are paid, more or less expensive depending on the place (from € 3 to € 20 we have come to pay in some). But always cheaper than a camping. They can be public of the city councils or there are private of land owners who set up a motorhome area. Sometimes they are even located in restaurants such as Can Pau in Catallops or in gas stations or theme parks or various leisure complexes.

Camp Sites

There are cards that offer discounts out of season in 3 and more star campsites such as ACSI widely used among motorhomes throughout Europe.

Farms, pubs and other establishments that enable you to stay overnight with a motorhome or camper

On the France Pasión network (a card and app) you can go to many farms in France and overnight for free, usually in exchange for buying something from their production afterwards.

Pubs have a network in England called BritStops where motorhomes can sleep and sleep.

Places where you should never stay overnight in a motorhome

Never, never, never sleep in a motorhome in highway service areas!

They steal like truckers do. Never do it. Get out to any town and park anywhere. Don't risk it! Overnight insurance with a motorhome is also your decision.

Don't spend nights rains near streams.

Finally, never sleep in a motorhome with strong windows near trees or buildings in poor condition, much less out of shelter. I still remember, in the car park of the North Cape, which is completely exposed, with strong winds the day before when we went we overturned many motorhomes!

And to complete this, put security measures to your motorhome, in the post about as well as in traveling safely by motorhome We give you good advice, look at it.

Apps and websites that will help you find safe and cool places to park and spend the night in a motorhome

Where you can see where to spend the night in micro towns and also activities to do in a motorhome or camper. Everything is located in micro-towns with danger of depopulation of less than 500 inhabitants. A super interesting initiative and a great alternative for leisure and different places to spend the night in a motorhome.


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